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i just made $12,000 using >

do the controllers work on pc i got a racing game on steam and the pc controls are hard too use

i need only the xbox buttons,is that possible?

not on, but you may contact me on my Twitter via @Cyangmou or via my E-Mail (thomas[dot]feichtmeir[at]gmx[dot]at)



How arrogant to call this beautiful set 'definitely overpriced'!! That's nothing short of an insult.

I'm only hesitant to buy this because I've already gone through the process of making all buttons myself. (Also my buttons are in 10x10.)
I've already bought one of the other asset packs, and it's clear that Cyangmou is doing a contribution to the gamedev community.

Is there any chance that you would share a few buttons in their real sizes, instead of the blurry previews? I'd like to test them in the mockup and then make a decision.
My twitter handle is @hepari00, so please DM me in case that's possible. (I've already followed you)

I uploaded a screenshot with some sharp buttons and all gamepads as silhouette and I also edited in sizes in the assetpack descriptions.

That being said you got messaged from me on Twitter.

It could become really popular but it's definetly overpriced comparing to other assets in this store :/


Every creator here has their own shop, everyone making their own prices other assets are also on different levels of quality and contain different elements.

You always can go ahead and look for something else or even pay an artist to come up with similar quality, completely up to you.