Update 1.6 - Switch functionality update & first approval of the buttons through Publishers


After the recent creation of the Switch pro Pad, I got some feedback regarding some additional Switch Keys, which were missing, especially if you are creating a game just for the Joycons. With this update I added a complete new sheet, which adds the missing graphics for each switch button-set.

I also wanted to point out, that the first game (Kemono Heroes - by Mad Gear Games / http://www.madgeargames.com/kh/) who used this Assetpack for their respective game, went through the Publisher button approval with the assetpack, which means that the controllers got certified.

This means you can be sure, that if you buy the assetpack, that you won't need to change the assets!




Buttonset_Consols_v1_6.zip 2 MB
Feb 18, 2020

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