Release Alchemy Set

Hey Indiedevs,

I got this new assetpack in my store, which has all of the requests regarding crafting materials, furs, potions, animal parts etc. included.

If you asked me for add-ons or specific thing like that in the past, it's included in this pack here.

It is meant to build out systems with recipes, alchemy materials to brew potions. The pack is huge and contains a ton of different coloured potions, so a wide variety of possible combinations should be possible. YOu can also combine it with all other icon-assetpacks I offer.

Have a lot of fun with it.

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Jun 03, 2020

Get Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons Alchemy 24×24

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Beautiful set as always, will definitely be buying your bundle once I return to work.

FYI in your preview image, the icon & shadow doesn't have a shadow.

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Thanks a lot noodle, glad you are enjoying it.
Also thanks for pointing out the issue with the preview - Fixed it!