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youre awesome Thomas keep it up. Big fan

Thanks, trying to bring you mroe things in future :)

These are great. I would love to see some assets for 63.43 degree top-down action rpg style games. Also some settings other than fantasy (e.g. sci-fi). Those are much harder to find.

Yes those are harder to find, because they are much harder and more time intensive to produce and therefore would be more expensive and harder to sell.

Sci-fi is harder to combine with different settings. A lot of fantasy things also work much better with slight adjustments in different settings, you can do aventure settings, pirate settings, gothic horror settings, realistic historical settings and a whole lot more with it, while sci-fi let's you do nearly exclusively sci-fi.

And from a production perspective I am always trying to do new things which work together with some other assetpacks I already produced.

Maybe in future I will end up doing some things in that direction.

beautiful as always