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This pack is great. Assets are full of details, but using quite simple color pallette. This makes them really easy to work with when you need to adapt assets to your game. I really recommend it for any serious project.


I am glad I read the comments first...


Hello, I didn't realize that there are actually only 100 icons. With the rest of the ~14000 count being recolors, and different backgrounds of recolors. I think this is a bit misleading and I would like a refund.  


I bought this set of icons for $29, but when I made a thank-you list, I found that the agreement said that icons can only be used for one game, and will the next game cost money? In this case, I don't think I will use your icon, because the quality is good, but the cost performance is too low.

There is a distinction in the licence, which means that it shouldn't impact you in case you want to make prototypes, just play around with them or you are true indie.


Does this have bows, staffs, and/or any books?  I like your art style and wish I could see more examples.

this has a bunch of books, a bunch of different staffs and some bows.


Ignoring recolors, outlines, shadows, and selections, how many unique icons are there in the set?


100 base designs


I like this resource very much, but I don't have any money. Will there be any discount later?

About twice a year I make a sale.


Does this pack include all the icons from the bundle, but at 32x32 size?

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No, the assetpack ou asked for is a specialized set and would need to get size adjusted on its own.

This is a basicset which contains a lot of basic icons and a ton of recolors. It contains some food and farming equipment though.

I don' tknow hwne or if I will adjust the food&cooking set, however If you need specific icons and in a short amount of time, don't hesitate to contact me via E-Mail ( and maybe we can agree on a handful, as just upscaling a bunch you need is way easier than upscaling all and would make a good commission.

Any chance of making the wizard and other older packs into 32x32. I really like ur art style

Full sets might take a while to make them 32x32, and I'd start of course on the ones which already sold the most. The wizard set is rather new and therefore would be adjusted way later.

But if there are specific icons of a set you'd need in a size which does not exist, don't hesitate to contact me and we can find a solution. As it's also easier for me to adjust just a bunch of needed icons, then a complete set, with shadows, outlines and all the versions - it just takes time and I am doing this in my sparetime only :)

I too am waiting for the increased detail of the 32x32 packs. These are very nice and I'll be buying all the ones available soon. @Dcneos You can also buy his 16x16 versions and upsize them for now until he completes the new higher detailed 32x32 bit ones.

32x32 sets are in the works,.

The Survival, Alchemy & Mining set might drop within April or early May.