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Pixel Art – Farming & Production Chain Iconset – 24×24

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About this assetpack:

This set is made with an farming approach in mind. It provides items for farming, building strategy & complex production chains.

All icons are extremely high quality and have a resolution of 24x24px

You get:

  • 102 completely unique hand painted icon designs
  • every icon is delivered with a unique cast shadow sprite
  • every icon is delivered with an outline (selection)
  • every icon is delivered with a solid black outline
  • a .rtf file with item names & rough flavour text.

Themes covered:

  • farm tools: hand saw, scythe, pitchfork & other tools you need for a farm
  • vegetables & fruits: 15 in total plus some additional plants
  • seeds: various seeds
  • meat: a selection of various meat products
  • Instruments: some music instruments
  • containers: barrel, sack, bag, mug, glass
  • complete production chains for eggs, meat, fabric, bread, honey, ropes, cigars, cheese, paintings
  • sweets
  • lucky charms
  • cooking tools: pot, frying pan, cutlery, rolling pin
  • animals: mouse, hamster, chicken, bee

Does this set fit together with any other assetpacks?


There are more iconsets in the same style which I offer, so check out all of them in the system graphics:

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This Assetpack is available as a 16x16px sized version24x24px sized version & 32x32px sized version

Will you keep this assetpack updated?

There are chances that I will extend this set later or add other assetpacks to my store which will fit together with this pack. Every asset I sell supports my itch shop and the money from sales gets invested into the creation of new assets.

Quick Licence Overview:

-You CAN edit and repurpose the assets.

-You CAN use the assets in commercial and free projects.

-You MUSTN'T redistribute / resell the assets.

-You MUSTN'T use the assets in any printed media or physical product.

Important: By buying the Asset you also agree to the following Licence Agreement which outlines the exact Term's of Use: Cyangmou's Itch.io Licence Agreement

You MUSTN'T redistribute the assets as your own, or use them in any printed media, or as design basis for any physical product.

For more information follow me:

on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cyangmou

on Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/cyangmou

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AuthorThomas Feichtmeir "Cyangmou"
GenreRole Playing, Strategy
Tags16-bit, 2D, Cooking, Crafting, Farming, JRPG, Metroidvania, Pixel Art


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

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Hello Cyangmou, good job! I bought this and used your icons in our latest screenshot for the game: https://www.facebook.com/morganadungeoncrawler/


Your license excludes printed media.  Can exceptions be granted for board and/or card games?

Great art, by the way!

Hey Captdynamite.

Thanks a lot.

Printed media is excluded for the standard license sold over itch.
If you want to discuss a boardgame license and the specific rights you want to have/need, please write me an E-mail via


Thanks Thomas!  Still prototyping some ideas; I'll email you if needed

Man I feel like you are just pumping these out! Some of the top quality pixel art available, great stuff, what a deal imo. Gotta keep working on bettering my own art to catch up :P

From one pixel artist to another- These are incredible! Really fantastic, high-quality work. Keep it up!


Thanks a lot I am glad that you are enjoying the art =)

I got plenty more things on my DA-page:

Wow, I didn't know you were so prolific! Awesome!