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Pixel Art – Farming & Production Chain Iconset – 16×16

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About this assetpack:

This set is made with an farming approach in mind. It provides items for farming, building strategy & complex production chains.

All icons are extremely high quality and have a resolution of 16x16px

You get:

  • 100 completely unique hand painted icon designs
  • every icon is delivered with an unique cast shadow sprite (18x18)
  • every icon is delivered with an outline (selection) (18x18)
  • every icon is delivered with a repainted black outline (16x6)
  • a .rtf file with item names & rough flavour text.

Themes covered:

  • farm tools: hand saw, scythe, pitchfork & other tools you need for a farm
  • vegetables & fruits: 15 in total plus some additional plants
  • seeds: various seeds
  • meat: a selection of various meat products
  • Instruments: some music instruments
  • containers: barrel, sack, bag, mug, glass
  • complete production chains for eggs, meat, fabric, bread, honey, ropes, cigars, cheese, paintings
  • sweets
  • lucky charms
  • cooking tools: pot, frying pan, cutlery, rolling pin
  • animals: mouse, hamster, chicken, bee

Does this set fit together with any other assetpacks?


There are more iconsets in the same style which I offer, so check out all of them in the system graphics:

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This assetpack is available as a 16x16px sized version24x24px sized version & 32x32px sized version

Will you keep this assetpack updated?

There are chances that I will extend this set later or add other assetpacks to my store which will fit together with this pack. Every asset I sell supports my itch shop and the money from sales gets invested into the creation of new assets.

Quick Licence Overview:

-You CAN edit and repurpose the assets.

-You CAN use the assets in commercial and free projects.

-You MUSTN'T redistribute / resell the assets.

-You MUSTN'T use the assets in any printed media or physical product.

Important: By buying the Asset you also agree to the following Licence Agreement which outlines the exact Term's of Use: Cyangmou's Itch.io Licence Agreement

For more information follow me:

on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cyangmou

on Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/cyangmou

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AuthorThomas Feichtmeir "Cyangmou"
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, Cooking, Crafting, Farming, Icons, iconset, Pixel Art


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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16x16_iconset_Farming_v1_1.zip 570 kB


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(1 edit)

The art is solid but it's a bit all over the place and so you may not get what you need from a "farming & production" pack (more info below).   On top of that, the license is pretty restrictive and covers a ton of edge cases (including wikis for your game) so make sure to read through that before purchasing.

You get 100 icons which is great value, except for the fact that they generally cover 10 different categories of "farming & production".  For example this includes a chicken and an egg, but no other farm animals.  It includes cooked foods without the raw versions.   It has assets for painting, but only 4 of them; a paint brush, paint palette, an empty canvas, and a finished painting.  There's enough to do something within each category, but not enough to create a full feature around that category whether it's farming, cooking, creating art, etc...

(3 edits) (+1)

At this point there are ~15 other sets available in the same style, so a wide variety of themes or ideas could be covered for whatever feature and idea you come up with.

This set is a basic set with a wide focus of different games in mind: farming games, economy simulations, point & clicks, adventure etc. So the goal of this set is indeed to a wide range and of course this means not everything you can think of will be covered in the entirety of all details.

However I got a couple of assetpacks, which cover way more specific features, e.g. a food&cooking set which is meant to cover cooking specifically, and it works in perfect combination with this set and if you choose both you got a lot more options.

Also In case something is missing and it's not pressing, you can send me an e-mail, then I will put it on the idea list and eventually get at some point around covering it. I will then add it to this set, release it within an upcoming set, or if it's critical and time sensitive it's possible to handle it within the framework of a commission too.

The license was written by a professional lawyer,  the FAQ is there to make things easily and quickly understood and answers most questions people have. The point of a licence like this is to sort out all eventual misunderstandings from the get go and that it protects both, the buyer and the purchaser in case of misunderstandings, if you agree to the terms. It needs to be worded like this, to be of actual value in case you get a lawsuit.
If you don't agree to the terms, you can send an E-Mail and I am open to discuss a custom licence change more suited for any project.
But of course there always is a difference between commissioning custom assets for your game and having all rights and using assets from an assetstore. However I can ensure you, that within the cases the basic licence covers, it will be safe for you, as it covers all your legal needs for a professional product.


Also I cleaned up the licence and FAQ.

-It should be easier to find specific parts in the FAQ, 

-I changed the ties to a project from general to specifying a "successful" project. This should make accessibility way higher.

Your pixel art is stunning and it's awesome that you can create such beautiful images with pixels.

Thank you!