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I miss 'build' animations, where the guy is building a house or something.

It would be nice to have some animations with firearms and a little more. Like in "Blackthorne" from 1994 (hides in the shadows, talk to people, picks up items, draws gun and puts it away,  shoots forward and backward, jumps while standing or running). May be another add-on?

This would be something similar to the greatsword add-on which was the most recent big addition to this model, because basically it reqires a redraw of all animations there are. Maybe I will do  this at some point as a unique assetpack.

I would also be very interested in a pack that added the animations mentioned above, as well as others that would add movements and actions that bring the full set of animations into line with games such as Flashback/Abe's Odyssey and the like.

Hopefully you can find time to release another addon pack in the future, and if you ever require any suggestions for animations to include in such a pack then please let us know as I'm sure I'm not the only one that would be happy to offer suggestions and that would buy the addon pack instantly.

Have a great Xmas and New Year! 

Do you have a more comprehensible list of animations you'd like to see?

It's generally much easier for me to evaluate the missing things, if I know exactly what animations people are looking for. Because some of them only make sense in a unique assetpack, others make sense as small add-ons, which I gladly add if I find the time

I just added the skid / turnaround in the base set and smoother run in the add-on set the last weeks and generally most of the time I am just not aware where the problems with missing assets in the assetpacks are. So telling me really helps.

Generally I am always trying to spend time on improving my store outside of my contractwork, so more updates and packs will definitely come. It's just always hard to say which series I focus on if I have time, but right now I am on the tilesets and character =)

Have a great christmas and New Year as well!


Sure thing, I'll put together a list of suggestions with examples and get back to you.

Thanks for being so receptive to suggestions!

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Alright, I am looking forward to receive your list :)

No problem, I think that being receptive and having open ears to what's needed also helps with improving the quality and quantity of the assetpacks.


Here's a list of the animations I think are needed for a "cinematic" run-and-gun platformer. Strongly inspired by "Blackthorne":
1. Standing still looking right/left; with and without gun
2. While standing - turn from right (through front position) to left and vice versa; with and without gun
3. While standing - turn to back (for switch operations, talk to people, etc.); without gun
4. While standing - just one step forward; with and without gun
5. Walk forward; with and without gun
6. Run forward; without gun
7. While running - hit the wall and stop abrupt
7a. While running - turn around and continue run
7b. While running - transition from run to full stop
8. While standing - jump forward; without gun
9. While running jump forward and continue run
10. While jumping - hit the wall and fall on ground
11. While standing - jump up (to the ledge); without gun
12. Hanging on a ledge
13. Climbing up a ledge
14. Climbing down from a ledge
15. Jumping off the ledge when it is not so high (Without turning around - bend down, lean on hand, jump off. Something like that); without gun
16. While standing/walking/running - climb over an (not so high) obstacle (or ledge); without gun
17. While standing - enter ladder (for ladder up and down); without gun
18. Climb ladder
19. Exit from ladder (for ladder up and down)
20. Crouch; with and without gun
21. While crouching - roll forward; with and without gun
22. While crouching - turn around; with and without gun
23. While standing - draw gun and put it away
24. While crouching - draw gun and put it away
25. Get FRONT hit and fall on ground; with and without gun
25a. Get up from previous(25) ground position; with and without gun
26. Get BACK hit and fall on ground; with and without gun
26a. Get up from previous(26) ground position; with and without gun
27. While crouching - get item from ground; with and without gun
28. While crouching - put item on ground; with and without gun
29. While standing/crouching - throw item forward; without gun
30. While standing - lean back against the wall ("hide in shadows"); with and without gun
31. While standing/crouching - shoot forward (and maybe backward, like in Blackthorne)

Thanks a lot, added them a while ago to my idea list.

Would it be possible for you to add a 1 frame skid? Like  Mario when you change directions.

I added a skid and a direction change while running.


You're the best!

I'm quite interested in purchasing all of the animations offered for this little fella-- But I'm not too thrilled about the license.

Is there any way we could privately discuss a higher priced option where I could modify and use the sprites for a  game?

It'd b e great if you could tell me, what your exact problem with the license is. because modification and game usage is the intention of it.

you can contact me via thomas[dot]feichtmeir@gmx[dot]at

Wonderfull work ! I use it to learn godot and it feel so pleasing to get some real animation while working. I'm curious, since almost all attack are made to be use when the character isn't moving, to you plan to add some moving attack ? Thanks a lot.

This assetpack is finished as it is, but I got a half finished add-on lying around which I intend to finish one day.

I currently can't work on any assetpacks because my work contract keeps me currently a whole lot more busier than expected.

Thanks for the reply ! I completely understand that you got more important stuff to work on.

Hey Levrault,

I just uploaded a new massive add-on for this character pack, which includes crouching attacks and a jumpkick (as a moving attack)

I still have some notes regarding attacks open, but the add-on actually covers a whole lot of requested animations and might be useful to you.

Check it out here:

Master! I need sprites (Children's character or Fox) 16x24 format to use in NesMaker  Sprites, ready in 03 colors (R, G, B) + black (transparent), jump, run, walk, climb, climb ropes, die.
Do you have for sale?


hey Jorge, sorry this comment fell through the grid -.-
I don't got any animals to sell at this point in time. And the last years have been busy, but i managed to get the human characters, icon and ui assetpacks to a high level of quality.


Hello, will you add the crouch-attack sprites?

this template is very useful for the development!!!!

At some point I will do some crouch attacks, at least they are on my list of stuff which could be added. And I will add them either to this template or to a special Add-on pack.

Hey Kenliu,

I jst uploaded a new assetpack, which is a massive add-on for this assetpack and contains crouched attack animations for all existing attacks.

Check it out here, you might be interested.

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I just bought this a little while ago. Awesome Work! 
A wall slide would be perfect if you can fit it in your schedule. Thanks for the cool work you provide.

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Hey PixelArtGaming,
Thanks for buying it and supporting the creation of those packs.

I just added 2 new frames, including a wall-slide and a wall-jump.


Thank you for the extra animations, you're a real good pixel artist keep up the good work!


Oh wow this came at the perfect time, thanks :D Just purchased your bundle :) I'm really impressed with the extensive list of animations and I feel cheeky even asking but would it be possible to request a few additional animations? I would be happy to pay extra for them.

1) Swim + Tread water (idle)

2) Pushing e.g. a crate (while walking)

3) Wall slide

Thanks again!

Hey Leftnoodle,

Thanks for purchasing the bundle.

For now I added a wallslide and walljump frame for this pack to round off the moveset, since this seems like a basic animation I have overlooked and fit perfectly together with the basic-prototyping intention of the set.

The other ideas you have are more specific, but also great. Therefore I added them to my idea-list.

Like with everything related to games, there is always more which could be done. I have already ton of other additional animations on my idea-list and I will see if I probably can develop a full-sized add-on for this set down the road.


Many thanks, these additions will be very useful. I am eagerly looking forward to any and all side scroller asset packs you release in the future, they are proving to be very useful for prototyping and developing my engine.

I just added a few more things.
Thanks, I planned to produce a couple more things in the coming months.

Hey leftnoodle,
There is a new Add-on for this Assetpack available. It contains amongst a lot of other animations 2 different animations for pushing various sized blocks around.
It might be interesting for you: