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You should include a license file in the zip files.

the licence is linked online and the same for all assets and shouldn't change, except probably clarification on certain points.
Since it very well can be that specific questions get clarified in the FAQ (which can happen especially If I release something which is kinda new, e.g. with the controller button packs and/or template sets) and then I'd have to reupload all assetpacks with a new file which simply takes a ton of time whenever this case happens.

If you want to have the licence, just copy paste it and save it from the googledocs.
Thanks for your understanding.

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Thanks, this will be useful. I'm currently attempting to extend this by adding some 22.5 degree slopes, whilst they don't look anywhere near as good as your 45 degree slopes, using yours as a starting point is a massive help for a non pixel artist like myself :)

Hey Leftnoodle,
I added the requested graphics to the set, since this seems like an useful addition.

If you have some time and want to help me out as well, please consider to rate the sets, since this helps discoverability on itch and hopefully leads to more possible additions down the road.

Have a great day =)


Awesome thank you very much, your 2:1 slopes are so much better than mine (not surprising!) really appreciate you adding these. No worries, I'll rate all of my purchases from your store. Take it easy!