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Did you make a fantasy classes asset too?

Not yet.
I got some other packs like this in mind, however due to being currently fulltime busy with a freelance project, it will take me a fair while to get more things for the shop done.


They are great, no doubt. Pricing is fine. 


Looks really good but without animations it's a hard sell for me.

The description of what you get is on spot.


... I do not understand such high prices for your assets. Why would one pay 200+$ for an asset pack. Do you know one can buy more than 4 full-price games for such money?

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Especially since none of them are animated.

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Every creator here has their own shop, everyone making their own prices. Other assets are also on different levels of quality and contain different elements.

You always can go ahead and look for something else or even pay an artist to come up with similar quality, completely up to you.


The price tag isn't unreasonable at all... you get 50 monsters by one of the top pixel artists around and when you work it out, its only $4 a monster. You will be hard pressed to find cheaper with the quality these monsters have. Their designs alone are impressive enough! He also isn't forcing you to buy them.. As for the lack of animations, that isn't too much of a problem, you can easily hire someone to do that for you. It would be pretty challenging to produce generic enough animations to suit everyone's needs and that would then just inflate the price further.


"The price tag isn't unreasonable at all"

Except it is because the art isn't exclusive.

Price of AAA game when bought by millions of people: $60

Price of AAA game when bought by one person: $10,000,000+

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I am sorry that you think like that.

Nobody is forcing you to buy it.

Please try to find an artist to do something similar for you for your price.