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Side-Scroller Template: Hack & Slash

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About this Assetpack:

This Assetpack contains a fully animated character with a greatsword and various moves you need for action-heavy sidescrollers. You can build/prototype sidescrolling roguelikes, metroidvanias or soulslikes with it. The pack provides a wide selection of moves and transitions. Amongst others, a walk, a run, a 3-slash combo, an attack during a crouched state and while jumping, 2 different death animations (normal & bodypart explosion) and a lot more. Check the diagram in the screenshots.

This assetpack is completely usable standalone, but it is also Add-On #2 for this character model. It is the same model as in the other 2 parts of the  side-scroller character template + add-on1 so it can be combined with the other assetpacks to have additional character customization and even more animations and moves.

The tedious setup-work for animation strips is done and it’s usable for prototyping right out of the box with the single strip graphics. Additionally there is a sprite atlas provided, in case you want to use just a single image.

The character itself comes as gray scale version or in a 3-color NES-style.

If you got basic art skills, due to it’s simple design and multitude of frames this template can get easily enhanced for specific needs, frames can be rearranged and slightly edited to create completely new moves.

If you have more artistic skills, or want to bring an artist in your project later on, the gray scale image can serve as solid base for adding details or your own character-design on top of it, while saving production time and iteration time, because you'll know exactly what frames your project needs. Due to the simplicity of shading it's possible to quickly resize the template without much loss in detail, which makes it also usable for prototyping higher resolution games.

This Set Includes:

Animations: 22 Animations with a total of 126 Frames:


  • idle (8 frames)
  • dodgeroll (8 frames)
  • backdash (4 frames)
  • hitstun (1 frame)
  • walk (6 frames)
  • run (6 frames)
  • jump up / jump down (1 frames each)
  • doublejump (8 frames)
  • in crouch (3 frames)
  • crouch state (1 frame)
  • out of crouch (3 frames)
  • divekick (1 frame)
  • death (5 frames)


  • attack 1 - static (9 frames)
  • attack 2 - static (11 frames)
  • attack 2 - with step (11 frames)
  • attack 3 - static (8 frames)
  • attack 3 - with step (13 frames)
  • jump attack (6 frames)
  • crouch attack (5 frames)

Additional Elements:

  • bodyparts (8 frames)
  • hitbox sprites for all attacks ( 4 sprites)


  • 2 styles, gray scale & 3 color NES version
  • Sprite atlas
  • Every animation saved as .png ready to use (named with strip/frame count)
  • Animation-files (.gal)
  • Preview Gif Files
  • Readme & Notes

Additional Note:

While the sprites use NES aesthetics, this asset pack is not optimized for the NES as console.

In case of real NES development sprites have to be cut and/or optimized to fit in the hardware limitations.

Does this set fit together with any other assetpacks?


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Will you keep this assetpack updated?

There are chances that I will extend this set later or add other assetpacks to my store which will fit together with this pack. Every asset I sell supports my itch shop and the money from sales gets invested into the creation of new assets.

Quick Licence Overview:

-You CAN edit and repurpose the assets.

-You CAN use the assets in commercial and free projects.

-You MUSTN'T redistribute / resell the assets.

-You MUSTN'T use the assets in any printed media or physical product.

Important: By buying the Asset you also agree to the following Licence Agreement which outlines the exact Term's of Use: Cyangmou's Itch.io Licence Agreement

For more information follow me:

on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cyangmou

on Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/cyangmou


Get this asset pack and 46 more for $600.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
15% Off
$9.99 $8.49 USD or more

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