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Vienna 1480 - Renaissance Room is a point&click minigame, in which you will get a glimpse of the daily life of the time. Take control of an upper-class citizen of Vienna and freely explore their parlor.

  • Experience the daily Renaissance life
  • Learn playfully about typical objects, fashion and furniture of the period
  • Explore a historically accurate room
  • Enjoy an artful depiction of upper-class living circumstances


"...unlike most games, films & tv shows this game is actually historically accurate!"

Fake History Hunter

"An interactive diorama, which could fit equally well in a museum or a classroom"
Radio FM4

Artistic Statement:

With the Vienna Renaissance Room we aimed for a playful, colorful and educational depiction of the period. This project was planned out as a free, small and culturally valuable experience.

We can imagine potential use cases

  • As edutainment
  • As an info station in a museum
  • As teaching aid in classrooms for history lessons

About the goals of this project:

Our technical goal with this project was to learn in-depth how to develop games with Unity and how to solve game architecture in Unity.

We wanted to learn about the difficulties with educational historical content within the medium of games.

We also wanted to work with an external historical consultant to see how it changes the game development process.


We developed this room over a period of eight months of our spare time next to full-time work. A big part of this time we spent on research and experimentation. What you can play is a distilled and polished version of our efforts and we greatly hope you will enjoy experiencing it as much, as we enjoyed creating it.


Kamil Kosowski (twitter)
Feichtmeir Thomas (twitter, instagram, ko-fi)

Historical Consulting:

Andrej Pfeiffer-Perkuhn (youtubewww.geschichtsfenster.de)

Trailer & Teaser:

Aleksandra Jarosz (fantastichumans.itch.io, twitter)

Trailer & Teaser Music:

Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com )


This game needs a keyboard & mouse.


LEFT MOUSEBUTTON interact (when you are in close range, golden outline)

RIGHT MOUSEBUTTON skip dialogue quickly

Mouse Over inventory icons: get additional object descriptions (not necessary to finish the game).

Thanks for playing!
If you enjoyed it, please leave a comment and recommend it to your friends.


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Vienna 1480 - RenaissanceRoom v1_0 Windows.zip 35 MB
Vienna 1480 - RenaissanceRoom v1_0 MacOs.zip 45 MB

Development log


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It is understood on a surface level that people in the past have led lives no less real and important as ours. This idea, however, is difficult to really take to heart emotionally, to embrace it spiritually. Thank you for creating a game that no doubt will achieve its goal of making people think about the past as lives and work and artisanship of real human beings and not a dry collection of dates. It is an exceptional game. 

wow this artstyle is super inspiring 0.0


The pixel art is incredible, this game is such a lovely experience!

Thanks a lot Reff. Also it was cool to see you in the stream.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Really Nice. Now the game mechanics are all put together. Go and make it full game :)

Scope wise this project is finished. It was planned out as a small experience and to learn for us how we can make something historically accurate and where the challenges lie.

Nice art!

Thanks a lot.


I wish my history lessons would look like this...<3<3<3


Thanks a lot Alex :)


Phenomenal pixel art as always, and it was interesting for me to relive a time I didn't live and experience the romantic life of a character in the renaissance.

Thanks a lot. I hope you enjoyed the game :)


Thou knowest thou art in something good when thou art left with desire for more.

Glad you enjoyed it!


Neat little game. Well done! I had fun with it and I loved the poem.

A couple of suggestions:

- Make SPACE forward the text too

- Ursel's knocking is too aggressive, LOL

- Add some appropriate medieval music ;)

Thanks. Cool to hear you liked the poem.

And great suggestions, thanks for taking the time to write them out.