is a pregnancy simulator, where you are taking care of a pregnant woman and create your dream fetus. The game is inspired by the Black Protest movement in Poland.

What makes Fantastic Fetus unique?

  •  The political topic of reproduction laws in Poland
  •  You can create unique fetuses
  • Three Languages, English, German and Polish
  • Tamagotchi pixel art style with four colors
  • Multiple endings depending on your choices
  • Ending with a thought-provoking twist


Please consider to support Polish pro-choice organizations and the developers with a donation. 60% of all the donations after taxes will be donated by us.

You will find more information about the Polish situation at:

To make a donation, please click on the "Support This Game" button under the game window.

Fantastic Fetus is a pregnancy simulator in a Tamagotchi style, where
you are taking care of a pregnant woman and create your own dream fetus with SUPERPOWERS. You as a player will be able to create an enormous number of unique customised fetuses and unlock 6 different endings according to your decisions.

Fantastic Fetus is inspired by the Black Protest movement in Poland which was provoked by the new proposition of reproductions laws created in 2016 - the anti-abortion bill. Polish reproduction laws are next to Malta the strictest anti-abortion laws existing in the European Union. This game will let you experience a female perspective.

Aleksandra Jarosz @AKJarosz - Game Designer

Michael Hartinger @Asebist - Music & Producer

Sebastian Merkl @Ancientpixel - Programmer

Thomas Feichtmeir @Cyangmou - Visual Artist, Additional Game Designer

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(140 total ratings)
AuthorThomas Feichtmeir "Cyangmou"
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, satire, Singleplayer, Virtual Pet

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i really appreciate the message behind that game! 

and the game itself is very good! amazing art and it was really nice to play with characteristic of bbby but ending really fcked me up.


great, I wasn't aware that Poland and the US were in the same downward spiral when it comes to that stuff. Really sucks but glad you could have some fun with it making this game. Its definitely fun trying to make the BEST SUPER FETUS! 


she keeps killing herself no matter how happy i make her 😭 how do i make her not fearful?


There are six endings?

...I imagine that the end results aren't all that different from each other.

Deleted post

Build different Fantastic Fetuses to get all the endings. There are 3 categories of body parts Angle, Demon, and Rainbow. So if you make a pure Angle, Demon and Rainbow build, you should unlock three different endings. Next, try to mix those categories equally. Let me know if that helped you!

Have fun, and don't forget to support Polish activists. You can find links inside on this page or in game menu!

Deleted post



you should allow that the mother get sick after take an abusive amount of would be more realistic  and twisted.


Yes! We were thinking about it but there was no time to add it. Great minds think alike. :D 


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Uwielbiam morał z gry, a i tak uwielbiam gry jak tamagotchi. Więc to jest naprawdę zabawne! Chociaż wydaje się to naprawdę trudne, aby nie bały się / były przygnębione, ale może tylko ja! 

Cieszę się, że gra się podobała ;) . Sytuacja kobiet w Polsce jest znacznie trudniejsza niż nasza gra dlatego zachęcam do wspierania aktywistek >> <<


sussy baka


This is really well made and I like the game/message, very clever,especially the "fetus-view" that makes the ending even more unexpected. The ending itself was a bit quick tho imo. I understand making it blunt for shock value, but the way it was presented didn't really give that feeling imo. It just felt a bit lighter than expected.


Thanks! I get what you mean. The ending was a tricky thing to design. It's so awesome to get those comments even 2 years after we made it. It means a lot to us. Thank you for playing!


Absoluetly amazing game, I fell in love with TamaMama. The ending absolutely broke my heart and i'm scared that that might be my future someday as a woman.  This was such an amazing way to relay your message. So extremely well done


So happy that you appreciate our work. Unfortunately, the scenario from the game is a reality now in Poland. It is hard for us and all Polish women. Thank you for playing and empathizing with our case. 


I was honestly more emotional distraught over the death of an unborn baby in a porn game.  The problem with this game is the characterisation of the protagonist. Dreaming of what kind of baby it would be regardless of how the player acts implys that the protagonist wants the damned thing. Abortion will not abate those feelings and there will be just as much emotional trauma from the abortion. I've seen it happen. And to those dumbasses that think I'm pro-life, no I'm pro-abortion, but I'm also anti-(morons who muddy the issue with their opinions). Your game is horrific in all the wrong ways.


Amazing game. Very much surprised me. It was worth playing. 


Oh... So nice! There is no better compliment than saying that it was worth time to play :) Thank you!


yo is that a fetus bootyhole


This game is hard😩😩

but it's also fun and exciting to play 


So conditions in the real world that are rarer than 1% are common place in your game.  This is very misleading and is a way to try and justify abortion.

In the United States, six states surveyed the reasons women obtained abortions from 1996 to 2011.  They found that abortions done with the stated justification of saving the life or physical or mental health of the mother accounted for only about 2.3 percent (1 out of 43) of all abortions; abortions for rape and incest accounted for 0.13 percent (1 out of 769) of all abortions; and about 0.59 percent (1 out of 169) abortions are done for fetal birth defects (eugenics).

Overall, the hard cases combined account for about 3 percent (1 out of every 33) of all abortions done in the United States today.  This means that about 97 percent of all abortions are performed for social or economic reasons or to please people close to her such as parents, husband, or boyfriend.  These numbers represent the sum of surveys of 1.29 million aborting women done in Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah.*


Florida Department of Health, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Minnesota State Department of Health, Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services, South Dakota Department of Health, and Utah Department of Health.

You trying to conflate these rare cases with all abortions is just wrong. About as wrong as deluded yourself so much that you believe a life is a ball of cells.

Interesting statistics, thank you for sharing. However, it doesn't matter if those cases are 2% or even 0,5% because that % are people. They should have a choice if they want to give birth to a child which is sure to die in pain briefly after birth or not. Banning is not an answer to those problems.


/\ /\ /\ /\ /\


Funny how y'all see fetuses more human than the mothers who are already living. "You believe a life is a ball of cells" dont fucking talk about what life is if yall only care about fetuses. There are tons of children in orphanages, abusive households, shitty environment, etc. And yall wont give a fuck. Women being forced to sacrifice their lives to make another human being sounds better to yall than a fetus that dont give a shit about anything to be aborted. Yall dont care about life if it doesnt concern women, children, and already living beings in this world. Get your shitty morals to heaven with your petty ass god.


Killing babies simulator smh.

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I love the message! And that twist ending was like an OMG moment.

I love this. It really made me think, y'know? That you can hope that your baby will be born one way but you'll have no idea sometimes until it's too late. Some pregnancies, you'll be warned that you're child has "this" or "that", and even told that your baby won't live past a certain date, and the best option is to terminate the pregnancy and not put yourself or your child through something so horrendous.

I've played it twice and only remember one ending. It disturbed me, but I know that was intentional. That was the point & message!

Keep it up! This was beyond good! The tomodachi-esqe gameplay and the 8-bit style really tied in and made it feel "cutesy".


Thank you! :D Indeed it was our intention. I am glad that you start to think about those problems. If you wanna unlock another ending you need to build different fetus (with different parts combination).

Thomas is a great artist :).


I LOVED this game! Honestly I love the powerful message it sends about this issue and I loved learning some of Poland's history. This game needs more exposure and recognition. Good going devs! 


It is so nice, thank you! We are working on it to show the game on events and not only. There are many interesting games from Poland if you are interested I can give you some titles :)


I am speechless at the end. Respect! I didn't think this game will be about that.  After I finish playing it I search for an hour about it. I'm speechless I don't even know how to react to it. 

I hope you won't mind if I share this in my Youtube channel. I want to share it with my friends and other people. 

 Thank You for the game.

Keep up the Good Work! You have my Respect! 


Thank you GixterTrixter for the video, and of course, you can share it on your channel. Your comment made us very happy! It is exactly what we wanted to achieve with the game. It is very nice of you that you send it to your friends but remember do not spoil it! :)


When I walked in on this game I was like "lol thats cute supernatural i want to hit that up"

I did not know I was walking in a shit show of politics. This game extremely either agreeable or disagreeable. I choose neither and just embrace the game as it it. You made your game and people lay in it. I don't understand why people are so aggressive about this. When walking out of this game, I left with a clearer mind. I recommend this game to others who think the government is all daisy and happy kids. Love the art, love the truth. 

(hiss if i have bad english pardon me im Russian)


AhLogic, thanks for your comment and your approach. Your English is ok do not worry ;) We were lucky to have Cyangmou no board to do the pixel art.


Thanks for making this. I'm having similar fears with the direction the US is headed in...all of the work that health care has done, only to let mothers have to deliver babies who will not live to term, or will die shortly after birth. No one should have to go through that suffering.

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Thank you grimacedia for your comment. We are looking closely at the US situation. It is shocking that the US has the same problems we had 3 years ago but the final result seems to be worse then in Poland.


Wow, nice concept


Hi Kanatal, thank you for your comment :)


Download/Claim button or it never happened.


We are working on the desktop version. If it will happen we will make an update.


I really like this game I'm so sorry about all of these disgusting comments


Thank you Dragon Slayer ^^ for support. We appreciate that Fantastic Fetus is provoking a discussion. We are glad that you enjoyed our game. What Fetus did you build?


I'm going to express my opinion on this matter, and I'm not going to respond to comments because I've had A LOT of exposure to this topic, and I'm only posting for those who want real advice.

My mother would take me to protests to speak out against Planned Parenthood (PP). I remember these rallies vividly, especially since I would directly ask people why they wanted to kill babies (I was 5).  My mom believed they threw away baby carcasses in the dumpster and wouldn't let me near them.  She would then show me pictures of aborted fetuses, usually the "vacuum" method.

I also feel the need to say my father worked in Hospice and watched A LOT of infants die throughout my own childhood.  This was very hard on him, and for much of my childhood he was cold, distant, and angry.

As I've matured, I've read about miscarriage rates, the amount of infants who've died because of disease, the reality that my grandfather's first wife could have lived if she had an abortion, and that my mother's own disability is probably due to the births my brother and I put her through.

Oh yeah, and the bible's pro-abortion messages (yep, the bible is actually pretty pro-abortion, you're allowed to kill a baby up to about 6 months of age according to God).

Ultimately, I feel this game hits it right.  When you carry a child, you have hopes for what your child will be.  But the reality is, nature doesn't care. And until you've been in the position to watch a child or loved one die due to a poor pregnancy, you don't get to have an opinion, period.


Wow Boolean, that was a story. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's a complicated topic and it can be hard to find easy answers. But I think your voice is good for this discussion. How it is in the place where you are living? 


I moved to a primarily blue state where there are a lot less protests and more open minded people. My immediate family will not talk to me about the topic,  but my nieces and nephews have opened up to me about their pro-choice journeys,  so I can be a shoulder for them. 

If I may piggyback on what you said about "easy answers" though.  My transition was not easy.  And that's the biggest reason I share these tough stories.  I don't think there is an easy answer because every abortion is for different reasons.  That's part of why I like this game, it illustrates that very fact.

Life was never a gaurantee. People with uteruses still die during childbirth, a lot.  Children died consistently from disease,  and Anti vaxxers brought back those very diseases. People have forgotten this. Abortion was never a way to end life,  but help save it,  and you can't claim to be pro-life and anti-abortion.

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" until you've been in the position to watch a child or loved one die due to a poor pregnancy, you don't get to have an opinion, period." 


because obviously being emotionally invested in something makes you make a better decision


u can undest bcs u not be that gne gne...

people have empathy and can understand a situation and reason about it

3) you can't have an opinion ... democracy and everything around it don't agree

4) beliefs and the Bible are irrelevant

5) i haven't noiticed that was posted 2 years ago


>pro abortion message







I believe in free speech, so you have every right to make this game, but I think its message is disgusting. You showed a baby developing inside a mother's womb, then claimed that it was her right to kill it. You stated that disabled people should be aborted, which is what a certain group believed, way back in the 1940s. I am pro-life, I support not murdering innocents for a woman's selfishness.

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That's the thing, though. She didn't show the baby developing in that womb. She showed the hopes the mother had for it. Then she showed what actually happened. And she never argued that feti which would result in babies with disabilities SHOULD be killed - she argued for the CHOICE. 

There is an enormous difference between murdering people with disabilities, who have lives and feelings and complex histories, and having the simple ability to DECIDE whether you want to carry a fetus to term when you know the life it WOULD have, if it lives, would be a disabled one. Some such lives are so short and agonizing that it strikes me as actively cruel to argue for their preservation - it is difficult to see why you would argue for a woman to carry a deformed fetus to term, watch the resulting baby struggle to breathe and cry in agony for a week, and then have to bury it. It is difficult to imagine that you would want to live such a life if you were the child in question.

These are not the imaginary excuses of "selfish women." They are realities, and the laws you are defending make avoiding such nightmare scenarios extremely difficult if not impossible. 

These issues are complex. That is exactly why we have freedom of speech.


MookahMookah thank you for your comment. You presented very interesting thoughts. The problem is complicated as you mentioned. Many people do not even know how an infant can suffer bc of a specific disease and how it looks. DirtyCasual we do not try to tell you what you should think. We do not want to moralize you. The game is an invitation to start the discussion about what kind of choice in that hard situation (when a fetus is irreparably damaged) women have. Also, I would appreciate if you wouldn't call us Nazis. We are not Nazis. But there is one thing we have in common, we believe as well in freedom of speech. Perhaps we should create a FAQ section to avoid future misunderstandings.


I don't get the message of this game. So after developing my fetus and thinking it would turn out to be a beautiful little baby, it turns out to be a disabled and sick baby at the end. Then the screen shows a pro-abortion message and the game is over. 

So to me it seem, all the game designer is saying is that disabled babies should be aborted. Wow, that's harsh! I wonder how many women with these kind of pregnancies would feel appalled by that. I certainly do, although I haven't had a pregnancy yet.

If your message was that it should be allowed to analyze the fetus before birth, so it's not a shocking surprise for the mother, I'd agree with you! But that's a very different thing from abortion, because then the mother would still be able to decide to carry out the pregnancy. But then you wouldn't have a shocking twist at the end of your game.

I hope a haven't missed any information in the game that would counter this perspective. All in all I think you should try to make your games more morally ambivalent, instead of simply focusing on one simple message.

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Well, I don't know if every ending is the same but I got Anencephaly which means that the baby will die in few days because it was born without the bigger portion of their brain. And I absolutely agree that there should be examination of the fetus before hand (which there is) so the mother would be able to DECIDE to carry out the pregnancy. But what if she can't? What if the decision was made for her by the politicians? That's what they wanted to take away from us in the name of the religion and that's what the game is about.


I got the Anencephaly ending as well. I agree what you are saying, but I don't see that in the game! At no point in the game did I have the choice to examine the fetus, decide for/against an abortion or have that decision being forced unto me. All I see at the moment is a game about why it is good not to make up an image of a perfect fantasy baby without examination of the fetus, because unrealistic expectations can lead to a shocking moment after giving birth.  If the game left out all texts about abortion, this would make sense to me.


bluwh thanks for your comment. It is exacely what we meant. In 2016 in Poland the new proporsal of the anti-abortion bill was drafted. Under this bill you would NOT be able to DECIDE. This game is an illustration and metaphor of that scenerio. wednesdayA that is why there is no examinations but we have story clues which can lead you to the conclusion that sth is wrong with pregnency. Thanks for sharing with us your concerns.


This game is very simple also its very deep, I kept playing four times just to understand the messege and the way to look this. In my country Mexico there is a very different perspective, two days ago Monterrey city approves a new law to criminalize women's who chose interruptions pregnancy. Im certanly amazed cause this topic is controversial in 2019 btw I'll keep sharing this game thanks for do a game whit such a powerful messenge and a wonderfull point of wiew
I share my wonderful fetus :`(


Matt, thank you for your comment. It means a lot for us. The new law you are talking about sounds really scary... Do you have any organizations in Mexico which are trying to change the direction of this public discussion?


Very powerful message. Loved the politcal commentary and really feel for those who face difficult decisions and aren't able to make their own decisions safely or within reach of the general population. Seriously, loved this game so much -- from aesthetics to message.


Oh gosh! The first video about fetus! Nice! Thanks, I am glad that you liked our work. Topic is very hard indeed. I hope the game will somehow help in discussion about this problem. BTW cute fetus :P

i'm having trouble starting it, like what button gets past the screen with just the mother's face?!

I am sorry, to hear that and we will upload a new fixed version shortly - in the meantime if you delete savefile from your localstorage in the browser, it should work again

thx i figured it out a while ago but appreciate the concern

Deleted 4 years ago

Nobody said that pregnancy is an easy thing to manage... You will eventually make it.

I Liked The Game a Lot.It's Weird And Lovely At The Same Time.

Thanks! Our mission is to make cute and creepy games :) Do you have your fetus somewhere to show it to us?


It Died With The Mother In The Last Month,Because I Was Not Giving Food Trying To Make Her Not Get Fat...Oh My God,It's So Weird To Talk About This.

Hahaha, yeah it sounds weird I agree. But weird games are the best. Do not give up! The ending is worth it!

I knew there was a twist but I wasn't prepared for that end pic! it really surprised me lol. Nice work B^)

Hi, heh I hope it is a good thing ;) .  Can you show us your fetus Urusei?


this is the first one I made: 

And this is the second one:

It was a really interesting game (In a good way!)

btw: when I tried to download the picture it just appeared as a completely black image, so to get the photos I had to take a screenshot

Thanks for the information about a bug. We are working on it! Unicorn and Evil pixy :) I see you were keeping your TamaMama happy. Nice!

Will this game be available to download in the future?

We are working on it but I can't promise that. Tell me why you would like to download the game instead of playing here?

Well, I wouldn't mind making a video of this game in the future, but don't hold me to that. I guess I could figure out how to record the browser version until then.

Now I get it, usually I am using sth like Flashback Recorder but I don't know if it is good enough for you :( Give us know if you will make any video! :)

Will do! ^_^ Also, I usually use OBS for my Gameplay videos. Just so you know.

Deleted 4 years ago

Amazing game! Looks those charming eyes, so biutiful! <3 Would love to see your babies fetus! <3


Yeah... Mushroom eyes are best :D . Imagine how beautiful that fetus would be if you would finish the game! Thanks for sharing your creation!