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Pixel Art – Food & Cooking Iconset – 16×16

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About this assetpack:

Inspired by the cooking systems featured in many of the most recent greatest hits (e.g. Zelda Breath of the Wild, Stardew Valley, ...) this set includes a wealth of objects to build a similar cooking system for your game. While the focus on this set mainly lies on providing finished dishes, there are a couple of new fruits, nuts and vegetables included, that it is more useful as a standalone set.

However it will truly shine, if you combine it with the Farming&Production Chain Iconset (which provides all the cooking gear necessary and more basic materials) if you are creating something in the vein of Harvest Moon, or if you combine it with the Crafting&Survival Iconset, if you are looking to create a system like BotW features.

It is a must-have if you want to make a great cooking system for your game and a valuable addition if you already own some of the other iconsets and look for fitting add-ons.

All icons are extremely high quality and have a resolution of 16x16px

All icons may be edited  and customized (check the licence)

You get:

  • 100 completely unique handpainted icon designs
  • every icon is delivered with an unique cast shadow sprite
  • every icon is delivered with an outline (selection) (18x18)
  • every icon is delivered with a repainted black outline (16x6)
  • a .rtf / .txt file with item names & detailled descriptions / information for each object

Does this set fit together with any other assetpacks?


There are more iconsets in the same style which I offer, so check out all of them in the system graphics:

System  - 16x16 Icon Series (click on the link)

The same assetpack also is available as a 24x24px sized version and a 32x32px version

Will you keep this assetpack updated?

There are chances that I will extend this set later or add other assetpacks to my store which will fit together with this pack. Every asset I sell supports my itch shop and the money from sales gets invested into the creation of new assets.

Quick Licence Overview:

-You CAN edit and repurpose the assets.

-You CAN use the assets in commercial and free projects.

-You MUSTN'T redistribute / resell the assets.

-You MUSTN'T use the assets in any printed media or physical product.

Important: By buying the Asset you also agree to the following Licence Agreement which outlines the exact Term's of Use: Cyangmou's Itch.io Licence Agreement

You MUSTN'T redistribute the assets as your own, or use them in any printed media, or as design basis for any physical product.

For more information follow me:

on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cyangmou

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AuthorThomas Feichtmeir "Cyangmou"
Tags16-bit, 2D, Crafting, Farming, Icons, iconset, Open World, Pixel Art


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Can you make it in 32x32 pixel please

Depends how well the 32x32 basicset will sell in the next month(s) as it's super time intensive to make higher res versions.

If you need specific icons and in a short amount of time, however don't hesitate to contact me via E-Mail (thomas.feichtmeir@gmx.at) and maybe we can agree on a handful, as just upscaling a bunch is way easier than upscaling all and would make a good commission.

I just bought the "Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons 32x32" and it's beautiful, if I need anything specific I'll be in touch.

Thanks a lot. SUre, just reach out if you need anything, and have a lot of fun with the icons :)
Also don't hesitate to share your project with me, if you want. I always love to see what gets made.

TOok quite some time, but finally done! :)

mega cool