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RPG Character Template

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About this Assetpack:

These animations are a perfect starting point for bringing your own characters to life. A lot of the very tedious setup work is done, and you can easily edit in your own characters details and weapons.

This assetpack contains over 500 frames of animation.
You get a male template (Pete) and a female template (Cathe) both with ~33px height (that's roughly 2 16x16 px tiles height and goes well together with most 16x16px tile assets).

(the female sprite differs from the male sprite by: different eyes, slightly thinner arms, wider hips, different underwear + chest area)

Both Templates come in 4 different skin colors.

A separated cast shadow can be applied

This assetpack also contains a fully animated sword which can get equipped and unequipped for both characters as starting point for a paperdolling system.

The sword comes additionally with 8 projectile frames.

Graphics Included:

  • normal idle (2 loops á 8 frames, 3 directions - blinking and without blinking)
  • fight idle (2 loops á 8 frames, 3 directions - blinking and without blinking)
  • walk (2 loops á 4 frames, 3 directions - normal & with angry eyes)
  • run (2 loops á 6 frames, 3 directions - normal & with angry eyes)
  • fist attack (2 frames, 3 directions)
  • light attack (4 frames, 3 directions)
  • heavy attack (5 frames, 3 directions)
  • hit (1 frame, 3 directions)
  • sitting (1 frame, 3 directions)
  • dead (1 frame)

Note: 3 directions means that you are supposed to mirror the east/west directions. So in fact all 4 major cardinal directions (N, W, S, E) are covered!


  • a sprite atlas for every skin color / sword / shadow
  • each file as single strip / image (.png) - optimally named for Yoyo GameMaker

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Important: By buying the Asset you also agree to the following Licence Agreement which outlines the exact Term's of Use: Cyangmou's Itch.io Licence Agreement

You MUSTN'T redistribute the assets as your own, or use them in any printed media, or as design basis for any physical product.

For more information follow me:

on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cyangmou

on Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/cyangmou


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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If this had bow and gun I would buy it all day long

is there any bow / fire weapon / cast spell animation?

Not really. The fist attack I used sometimes in my own prototypes to cast directional fireballs etc. This works, although it's not a specific animation.

Hey, I accidentally bought this twice. Are you able to refund one of those purchases for me? 

You can issue a refund via itch.io.

Creators can't refund for clients.

I am working with 32px tilesets and I am not sure if this character will fit in with those size tilesets. Are you able to make a few sprites available watermarked so I can see if he fits with the tilesets?

Hello wjamesfl,

Yeah that's a good idea actually. I uploaded a testsample - standard straightforward standing pose in original size with noise (screenshot 5)
So with this you should be able to test the size.

Thank you!

What's the size of the character in pixels?

Top to Bottom roughly 32 px in the neutral frame. 

So in most motions about 2 16x16 px tile heights.

Great asset. Did character attack with bow? If not, could you please do the character attack with bow?

A bow is not included in this template, but I added it to my idea list. The normal fist attack can be used for this movement however.
At some point in future I will get back at enhancing and adding more content to the RPG series, at the moment I am working on the simple sidescroller series.

that's good. Hope you will add attack with bow and maybe add shield as separate weapons. Thank you.

(1 edit)

Awesome asset, currently implementing it into my game. Was just wondering why certain frames are not spaced into 64x64 grids as opposed to other. For example idle_normal_loop_x all fit in 64x64 grids, whereas walk_normal_x do not and have to take each frame in order to re-arrange it.

Edit, some of them require 96x96 grids to get centred properly

(2 edits)

They are arranged with the smallest border necessary for performance reasons, but keeping eventual paperdoll spaces in mind (e.g. helmets, spears or other things which would go over the frame).
The bigger the dead space, the more performance / 2D memory on the graphic chip it usually costs, and it can quickly sum up if you are not using a sprite atlas system or texture packer. I can't really save the assets the right way for every project, because the animations needed and the way of implementation always differs, but FYI I was following the most common approach gamemaker / unity tutorials show.

My only issue at the moment is that I’m stuck trying to create my own atlas where every frame fits in a 64x64 boundary. It’s very time consuming since I need to go through the attack, walk, and run animations and move the frames to fit the said 64x64 per frame format.

Hmm... There is not much I can help you just with comments here. Could you send me an e-mail to the address written in the Readme file?

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Hey, the pack looks very interesting. Though I would love to have a casting animation. Do you have any plans to add some? 

Added it to the wishlist. I am adding constantly new elements to the assetpacks or work on new ones, which work with the old ones.

It says fluidly animated in 3 directions, is it not animated in the left direction? Just a bit confused. Cause for top down game would need top left right and down. Thanks in advance for the response.

It is animated in 3 directions because there are 3 uniquely made animations.

For left / right a simple mirorring does the trick and that's how most topdown games handle it.

If I'd say 4 directions this would mean that the sword would need to be uniquely animated for the 4th direction, which is not the case for this template. The sword will flip the hand - again that's how it is handled in most games.

This is the best character pack I've seen. It is well worth the purchase. 

These are so good. I need something like this for an 8 dir sprite.


Hey Boar Games,

Thanks, I am glad that you like them.

Probably at some point those will get an update with more directions / an iso set with the same proportions which complete it to an 8 set, however in the foreseeable future, I don't think this will happen.

No problem, thanks for the response and all the great updates.


Looks great! any plans on doing something similar for a platformer?

also, is there any way to contact you for discussing small commission work or consulting? 

No plans yet to do something like that for platformers in the foreseeable future.
Sure you can find a contact in the licence agreement.

A side-scroller/platformer set is now available.

bought :)


Wow, dude, these look great :)

thanks a lot, glad you are liking the quality =)