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In this directory, you should be able to choose the right series of assets for the game you are creating and you can see all of the assets in a series.

If you got linked by one of the other Asset-Packs, just search the category you are looking for:

Side-Scroller Graphics:

In this section, you will find everything I created for games which use a side-scrolling view. Make sure to check out the Free Prototype Kit, if you haven't already.

FREE Side-Scroller Prototype Kit

Side-Scroller Character:

usable as a base for the NES Series and the 16-bit Side-Series

Character Template

Character Template - Add-On 1

NES Side-Scroller Series:

These Assets have a 8-Bit aesthetic and have proportions reminiscent of the NES.

Examples: Castlevania

Plains Tileset

Waterfall Caves Tileset

Dungeon Tileset

Churchyard Tileset

Side-Scroller Containers

16-Bit Side-Scroller Series:

These Assets have a 16-Bit aesthetic and can be used for any game which is reminiscent of side-scrollers on 16-Bit Systems.

Examples: games like Metroid, Castlevania and Contra

Containers - Pots & Treasure Chests

Lights - Torches, Candles and Lanterns

Puzzle Elements - Gameplay elements like switches, spikes, pressure plates

Side-Scroller Containers

Top-Down Graphics:

These assets have a 16-Bit RPG aesthetic to them. They can be used for any game with a overhead camera, in which the character can run in multiple directions.

e.g. games like Zelda or early Final Fantasy VI


RPG Character Equipment - Peasant Clothes

RPG 16-Bit Pottery

RPG 16-Bit Containers

16-Bit Designer Monsters

System Graphics:

These asset-pack series are aimed at Menus and GUI/HUD elements. They can be used for any game. They also work perfectly for the 16-Bit Side-Scroller and 16-Bit RPG Series.

GUI/HUD, Controllers & Input Device Graphics

These assets are for player input and menus, they come with differently sized icons to be highly versatile.

Keyboard & Mouse - 16x16 and 24x24 graphics

Switch, PS4 & X-Box Controllers - in 16x16 and 24x24 graphics 

Menu Basicset

Icon Set Series:

All of these iconsets include each 100 (or more) unique icons, illustrated in 24x24.

They come with unique shadow graphics, different outline styles and textfiles with flavourtext.

Basic Fantasy Set

Weapons Medieval & Fantasy Set

Equipment Medieval & Fantasy Set

Skills and Status Set

Farming & Production Chain Set

Survival, Alchemy & Mining Set

Halloween Set

FREE Games:

games which I was involved with and are available to play for free:

Fantastic Fetus

Kitten Smack

Development log

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