V1.4 - 40 new tiles + GMS2 autotiles + shoppage Update

Hey There,

SInce the update yesterday, I added a couple more straight variation tiles and also added all the GMS2 setup to the midground layer. This Update is even bigger than the one yesterday and wraps up all loose ends known to me with this assetpack.

At this point this was the fourth Update to this assetpack and it came a long way. Just to give you an overview of the numbers since the start.

v1 tiles:

60 foreground tiles

12 midground tiles

v1.4 tiles:

72 foreground tiles + 26 additional foreground (GMS2) autotiles

16 midground tiles + 34 additional midground (GMS2) autotiles

Total: 72 tiles originally provided, 76 new tiles added

This means this assetpack is now twice as big as the originally released version from pretty much exactly 2 years ago.

Have a lot of fun with those updates,



Side-Scroller_Tileset1_v1_4.zip 389 kB
Dec 22, 2020

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