V1.5 - 60 new tiles + props + huge tree + new structure

Hey There,

I just prepared another, this time the so far biggest and most impressive content & quality upgrade for this tileset.

The biggest improvements of the newest version (v1.5) are 60 new tiles, a big foreground tree, animated props and a completely new file structure.


There are a couple of fixes for existing tiles, and a completely new tileset for building enhanced wooden structures with slopes, broken parts and bigger elements connecting different vertical columns.

I also added a huge pinetree, reminiscent of the midground tree, but as fully rendered tileset layer asset, which adds a lot of depth and is the most impressive asset this assetpack has to offer.


I also added 3 animated props:

- a bonfire (animated with 8 frames)

-a tikitorch (animated with 8 frames)

-a treasure chest (4 frame idle, 4 frame opening animation)

New Structure:

All tilesets are resorted, renamed and follow a new structure.

-New folderstructure which makes it a lot easier to find files.

-An updated readme file.

-Duplicated files from earlier updates are deleted.

-A new naming convention makes it easier to load the day & night versions in the engine at the same time.

-Tile sizes are now provided in the tileset names.

Ttileset follow a basic, gms2 and add-on structure. Which means depending on which engine you use you easily can choose now the sets you like most. It's explained more clearly in the readme file.


Side-Scroller_Tileset1_v1_5.zip 541 kB
Dec 26, 2020

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